6 days ago

St Patrick's Day's Recipes - Holy Cow! Now That Was Tasty!

In one respect, the answer to the question raised by the title is easy: that the dish has its origins in India., but frivolous. The actual answer is a little more involved, and interesting.

1 week ago

Jazz Up Dinner With Pork Tacos And Tropical Salsa

The slow cooker or crock pot is one of the greatest inventions known to man. With little or no effort, you can have a hot, delicious and nutritious meal whether you worked all day or were out running errands. With most slow cooker recipes, read more...

2 weeks ago

Tips For Cooking Healthy Foods At Home

If you make up a double batch of a quick easy ground beef recipe, you have the base of a myriad other meals. You can transform the leftovers into a Shepherd's Pie Recipe, Beef Enchilada Recipe or an Easy Eggplant Recipe whereby eggplant is baked a read more...

2 weeks ago

Add Korean Tacos To Philly's Street Food Menu

Braising meat is becoming some what of a trend. The benefits of it, however, are endless. It's a slow cooking technique that provides tender, juicy meat, regardless of the cut. The tricky part is actually trivial if you know what you're doing.

1 month ago

How To Make The Best Crockpot Recipes

One of my family's favorite meals when the weather turns cooler is beef stew. There is something very comforting about this hearty dish. I've tried different ways of making it and my favorite way, by far, is the one I make in my slow cooker. For s read more...

1 month ago

How To Make Healthy Burritos

In just a few days those school bells will ring, dismissing our children from still yet another day of school. We know that within a few minutes this means our front door will open and the first words out of our children's mouths will be, "Mom, I read more...